November 01, 2012


Abstract Expressionism

Where to begin? Nowadays any artist associated with the term ‘abstract’ or ‘expressionism’ thinks it’s simple to create a piece of work resembling the two meanings. Technology has a huge influence on the new era of artists that create these types of works, just simply by sitting on their MacBook and creating something looking abstract with a few random shapes, lines, colours joined together to form their so called ‘abstract expressive’ piece.

Are artists getting lazy? Or doesn’t anyone know how to be expressive and show his or her emotion through painting anymore?

A few times I’ve been to the Tate Modern and witnessed work that is supposed to be ‘abstract expressionism’ or one or the other, and was clearly produced on a computer. Is there now a new meaning to these two words in the art world now? Is the Jackson Pollock way old fashioned? Are we heading in a new direction because of the influences of the computer age and the ever-growing range of software available to us humans now?

Where is the next Jackson Pollock? We always hear: ‘he’s the next Picasso’, or ‘he’s the next Damien Hurst’, or ‘he’s the next Steve Jobs’. I mean don’t get me wrong abstract expressionism doesn’t have to be in a similar style to that of the ‘drip’ type painting that Pollock most famously produced, however if you watch the documentary made about him showing how he adapted that style you get to see the emotion, the pain and expression he puts into all of his paintings; the colours make you feel the presence of his anguish. New artists looking to develop this technique really need to watch this documentary and use this as a base to start off their own interpretation of ‘abstract’, ‘expressionism’. Everyone can show their emotion in a different expressive way – think about the use of colour, tone and shapes they can really outline a type of emotion. All I say is don’t rely on technology whilst trying to produce this type of work, there’s no need for it, do it through your own hard craft and will power, don’t let technology win. We need a new Jackson Pollock.

L. J. Hatfull

Written by L. J. Hatfull



  1. November 1, 2012

    Well, I have to disagree with you on the point you are making here. In my opinion technology is just a creation tool just like pen and paper. It’s there to facilitate the process of producing an art piece. However, technology has been used in the wrong way.

    Nowadays many young artists make the mistake of using technology as an inspiration and creativity source. They are too lazy to THINK and come up with new ideas and I would blame that on the way which they have been educated.

    Technology can be a great tool for creating master pieces, only if it’s used correctly. We don’t need a new Jackson Pollock; what we need is original ideas.

  2. November 5, 2012

    I agree that the art world seems to be lacking in ‘the next big thing’- originality only seems to come from the recycling of old ideas, with a new twist thrown in her and there. The art world seems to lack a focus, with nothing and no-one standing out as remarkable.

    I disagree however in putting down digital artwork. Like the brush and paint, or pen and pencil, it can be a powerful tool for self-expression. It needs to be recognised as a medium in it’s own right. However because of the lack of one singular, original piece that can be marketed I am skeptical as to whether that will happen any time soon.


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